Yakama Nation
Cultural Center

Shíx Máytsḵi
Good Morning

Kw’ałápam wyánawi
 Good Day

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Established in 1980, the Yakama Nation Cultural Center (YN CC) is a unique, multifaceted facility offering a variety of programs that share Yakama Nation’s history and culture with all. It offers the … Yakama Nation Museum, Heritage Inn Restaurant, Winter Lodge, Heritage Theater, Yakama Nation Library, and CC gift shop. The Cultural Center is open to the general public seven days a week and is a wonderful cultural experience!

Sheryl Antelope,
Cultural Center Manager

An iconic building to the Yakama Nation. It towers 76 feet in the air. Trade shows, conventions, banquets, performance, exhibits and celebrations are held inside.

Hours of Operation:
The Cultural Center is open to the general public seven days a week and is a wonderful cultural experience!

Holidays Observed:
News Years Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

Contact Information:
(509) 865-2800 #5 Ext. 4752
(509) 865-7570 Fax

All Federally Recognized & Native American Holidays Observed (exception of Columbus Day)

In case of extreme weather conditions, please anticipate a two hour delay in the mornings or for any unforeseen circumstances. Call (509) 865-2800 #5

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Yakama Nation Cultural Center
Experience Yakama Culture and History

Our department consists of a team that is focused on addressing critical economic issues while advocating for various opportunities that our community members can benefit from. By fostering an environment that promotes a healthy economic climate, we all benefit.

Go to Yakama Nation Museum main homepage.

Go to Heritage Theater main homepage.

The Cultural Center has three different areas to have events.
The Winterlodge is 5000 sq ft capacity 300 people events mainly held in here are Wedding Receptions, Dances, Conferences and gatherings.
The 14 Tribes Room room is 1260 sq ft. Capacity 60 people. Rental events held here are meetings, trainings, birthdays, baby showers and family gatherings.
The Theater events held besides movie showings are rentals for meetings, performance, groups movie showings great! also for birthday parties.

  • Winter Lodge Rental Dance Fee $700.00
  • Winter Lodge Dance Clean-Up Deposit $250.00
  • Winter Lodge Rental Fee Business Hours (Mon-Fri 7:30a.m.- 5:00p.m.) $325.00
  • Winter Lodge clean-up Deposit Business Hours (Mon-Fri 7:30a.m.- 5:00p.m.) $75.00
  • 14 Tribes Room Rental Fee $125.00
  • 14 Tribes Room Clean-Up Deposit $50.00
  • 14 Tribes Room North Rental Fee $75.00
  • 14 Tribes Room South Rental Fee $100.00


Download the Rental Rule & Prices PDF file for more information

To schedule a rental contact Deidre Maldonado (509) 865-2800 ext 4740

  • June – Yakama Nation Treaty Day Commemoration Celebration & Cultural Center Anniversary
  • August – Yakama Nation Giving Back to the Community Back pack Giveaway – Yakama youth – sponsored by YN Credit Enterprise
  • November – Native American Month
  • December – Christmas Sales

Heritage Restaurant is currently CLOSED until further notice.


Yakama Nation Treaty Days


Yakama Nation Treaty Day Parade & Cultural Center Anniversary
June 7, 2019

Yakama Treaty Days

2019 Market Application